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July 2018
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In a 2,000-seat theater, with the likes of Beyonce and Justin Timberlake in attendance, singer-songwriter Mike Doughty sat down with Sara Schaefer for a special live episode.They discussed his recovery from a knitting addiction, who Dave Matthews wrote the line “hike up your skirt and show me your world” about, and why fans just need to pirate Mike’s music already.

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They had Thanksgiving dinner together. And according to "The Secret"—his religion—that’s enough to put comedian Jared Logan in the same class as Depp himself. In this week’s episode, Logan traces his rise from the farmlands of La Jolla, California, to his incredible success in the showbusiness dating scene.

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Natalie Morales has come a long way from the sorority house. The Cuban actress, who at least sounds 29, just had her breakout role as “trader #2” in Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps, and she has some words of wisdom for all the young actresses out there: stay in your towns and don’t move to Los Angeles. Omaha is the next Hollywood.

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The British writer and comedian, known for her work on the BBC’s teen comedic drama Skins, is in the U.S., and she has big plans. On this week’s episode, Josie Long talks joining the mafia; making a Hangover-style film with the Middletons; forming a Kickstarter to get her face on Mt. Rushmore; and translating Walt Whitman into British English.

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The former theater major knows his Shakespeare, but he’s over it. Now he’s studying up on drugs. In this week’s episode, Rory Scovel looks back on the challenges of being raised by preteen parents, and admits to waking up every morning thinking about the apocalypse.


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Grace, Hannah and Mamrie, known as the Holy Trinity of YouTube, aren’t just fooling around on the Internet. They’re a veritable brand that millennials love. But that doesn’t mean they’re about to settle into a traditional path. In this episode, they explain why they’re blowing cash away with a leafblower and teaching young fans about boozing, then compare their naked bodies.


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The former SNL cast member and veteran stand-up comedian remembers New York before the days of Mayor Harold Bloomberg’s smoking ban, when people were tough. And Colin Quinn knows a thing or two about being tough—an ex-fraternity brother at MIT, he’s now touring the country performing other performers' acts because, as he tells Sara, he's a better comedian. And no one’s going to do anything to stop him.


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The acclaimed experimental comedian has been alternative from the beginning. Born in saltwater, Kate Berlant went on to study critical theory as a homeschooler, then she reclaimed the clown as a power object. But it’s not all serious for Berlant; she also loves to be tickled.

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The actor, comedian and co-author of America, You Sexy Bitch is at the forefront of Twitter wars. Starting with a Levar Burton feud, his online battles culminated with the time he sort of called the First Lady a cow. In this week’s episode, Michael Ian Black gives his side of the story, and reveals the trick to keeping a secret family in Tampa.

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The former SNL cast member and current star of the FX series Married gets why old guys are self-conscious about their bodies. In this week’s episode, Jenny Slate shares her thoughts on male aging, why dudes aren't funny, why she prefers face acting over voice acting, and how more butts could’ve saved Romeo + Juliet.

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